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Docotrs Dissertation Robert Morgan

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Alan Blair
"Super Sonics: Audio Technologies and American Culture in a New Millennium"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski

Kate Boudreau
"You're Too Smart for That! Federal Education Legislation and the Changing Image of the Public High School Teacher in American Culture and Society, 1944–2001"
Advisor: Benjamin Looker 

Adam W. Kloppe
"Orientalism in U.S. Children's Culture, 1898–1989"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski

Mark A. Koschmann
"Religion in the Midst of Change and Urban Upheaval on Chicago's Near West Side, 1945–1970"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone

Susan Lee
"Nationalizing the Frontier: The American Western's Impact on Twentieth-Century Gauchesque Literature and Film"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski

Eva Navarijo
"Building (Bay) Bridges: A History of Pan-ethnic Student Activism and the Third World Liberation Front in the California Bay Area, 1968–1999"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski

Nicholas Porter
"The Significance and Symbolism of Wrestling in and across the American Cultural Landscape, 1877–1920"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Anna E. Schmidt
"American Poetry as a Transcultural Spiritual Practice, 1960–Present"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski

Karen Smyth
"The Errand of Angels: Feminism, Gender, and Sexuality in the Mormon Church, 1978–2014"
Advisor: Kate Moran

Cathryn Stout
"A Mighty Hard Row: Racism and Resistance in the Postwar British Caribbean and U.S. South"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini


Sabrina Davis
"Adapting Identity: Jewish American Narratives from the Page to the Screen"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone

Trevin J. Jones
"African American Prison Writers: Masculinity, Identity, and Spirituality"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Melissa Ford
"A Bible in One Hand, a Brick in the Other: African American Working Women and Midwestern Black Radicalism during the Great Depression, 1929–1935"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone

Lou W. Robinson
"White Women, Race, and Rape: Narratives of Mob Violence in the Midwest, 1880–1930"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone

Maurice Tracy
"Seeing Unseeable Things: Blackness, Queerness, and Homonormativity in U.S. Popular Culture, 1989–2016"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski


Brandy C. Boyd
"'Keep Your Chin Up and Your Skirt Down': Female Country Artists' Struggles for Respectability within the Nashville Music Industry, 1952–Present"
Advisor: Benjamin Looker

Nicole Haggard
"Race, Sex, and Hollywood: The Illicit Representation of the Black Man–White Woman Pair in American Cinema"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone

Laura A. Shields
"Fighting for Animal Rights: A U.S. History, 1900–1996"
Advisor: Cindy Ott

Corinne Mary Wohlford
"Putting Government in Its Place: Cultural Racism, Sentiment, and Neoliberalism in Contemporary U.S. Responses to Natural Disasters Abroad"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone


Brian W. Greening
"Representing New Orleans: Race, Space, and the Spectacle of Progress in the Crescent City since 1965"
Advisor: Benjamin Looker

Rebecca Preiss Odom
"Negotiating Hyphenated Identities: Transnational Identity Formation of the German-American Residents of St. Charles, Missouri, during World War I"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini 


Alexander Bayard Clark, III
"Forgotten Eyewitnesses: English Women Travel Writers and the Economic Development of America's Antebellum West"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Jaclyn H. Kirouac-Fram
"'Yellow Rolling Cell Blocks': The Urban Bus and Race in the United States"
Advisor: Benjamin Looker 


Robert L. Hawkins, IV
"Natural Born Ease Man?: Work, Masculinity, and the Itinerant Black Musician"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith
Winner of the 2011 ASA Ralph Henry Gabriel Dissertation Prize

Joshua M. Roiland
"Engaging the Public: Toward a Political Theory of Literary Journalism"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

Jody L. Sowell
"Divided Discourse: The Kerner Report & Stories of Separate and Unequal"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

Jamie Schmidt Wagman
"Our Pill, Ourselves: American Anxieties Surrounding Oral Contraception, 1956–2000"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini  


Robert Pittman
"The St. Louis Movement in Education: Public Education Reform in the Gilded Age"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

David J. Suwalsky
"'North of Yankee Country': Antebellus Kansas and the Missourians of the Platte Purchase County"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Gregory F. Taylor
"Picturing the Enemy: The Use of Visual Metaphors in Photography of the Japanese American Immigrant"
Advisor: Wynne W. Moskop


Richard D. Marshall
"'The Grapes of Wrath': John Steinbeck's Cognitive Landscapes as Commentary on 1930s Industrialization"
Advisor: Cindy Ott


Henry T. Brownlee
"Keeping Their Memory Green: The Pleasant Green Baptist Church in St. Louis, 1866–1950"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

Angela K. Dietz
"Spectacles of Labor: Visualizing a Nation at Work, 1850–1920"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

Robin A. Hanson
"The National Cemetery: Race and Sectional Reconciliation in a Contested Landscape"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Patricia Checkett Rooney
"Re-presenting WWII, Reviving Neo-classicism, Reaffirming Super Power in a Post–9/11 Era: The Anomalous 2004 American National World War II Memorial"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Elizabeth Schroeder
"The Chicago Black Renaissance: Exercises in Aesthetic Ideology and Cultural Geography in Bronzeville, 1932–1945"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

Alicja K. Syska
"Eastern Europe in the Making of American National Identity"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini


Kimberly M. Curtis
"Black Consciousness is the Cornerstone of Liberation: The Black Arts Movement in African American Literature and Visual Culture, 1966–1976"
Advisor: Shawn Michelle Smith

Sharon E. Grimes
"Women in the Studios of Men: Gender, Architectural Practice, and the Careers of Sophia Hayden Bennett and Marion Mahony Griffin, 1870–1960"
Advisor: Joseph Heathcott

John Hensley
"Dreadful People: Historical Representations of Ozark Folks"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Diana F. Pascoe-Chavez
"Pragmatism and the Frontier Narrative in 'It Is': A Magazine for Abstract Art"
Advisor: Joseph Heathcott

Charles (Rob) Wilson
"The Disease of Fear and the Fear of Disease: Cholera and Yellow Fever in the Mississippi Valley"
Advisor: Candy Brown

Ying Ye
"Black Initiative in Black Education prior to and during the Civil War"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini


John I. Kille
"Re-mediating Racial History: Representations and Interpretations of the Amistad Incident (1839–1842) in the 20th Century Texts"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

David R. McFarland
"Virtuous Yeoman or Ignorant Farmer? Rhetorical Ambivalence in the Illinois Agrarian Reform Movement 1840–1860"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Jennifer A. Price
"Middling Desires: P.T. Barnum and the Visual Culture of the American Middle Class, 1840–1865"
Advisor: Shawn Michelle Smith


Rhonda J. Armstrong
"Rural Women and Cultural Conflict in Contemporary American Literature"
Advisor: Shawn Michelle Smith

Valerie Padilla Carroll
"Re-presenting and Representing on Girl Power TV: Examining Portrayals of Resistance and Domination from Dark Angel, Charmed, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Advisor: Kathryn Kuhn

Teresa B. Holden
"'Earnest Women Can Do Anything': The Public Career of Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin, 1842–1904"
Advisor: Wynne W. Moskop

Kristine R. Smith
"Following Buster Brown's Footsteps: Leading Families into the Middle-Class Consumer Society"
Advisor: Joseph Heathcott

Burton St. John III
"The Trail of Tension Between Public Relations and Journalism: The Unfinished Business About Using Propaganda to Move Crowds"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini


Stephen A. Gibson
"How Green is Hollywood? Nature and Environmentalism in American Cinema, 1970–2002"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Bryan M. Jack
"Bridging the Red Sea: The Saint Louis African-American Community and the Exodusters of 1879"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Eileen R. Solomon
"Kosher in the United States: An Examination of American-Jewish Adaptation"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


John Glen
"'How Shall We Remember Them?': Pearl Harbor in Private, Public, and Historic Memory"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Victoria York
"Defining Moments: Narratives of the 1834 Burning of Mount Benedict"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui


Kent B. Bunting
"The Koan of Seiwa En: History and Meaning in the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

George R. Carson
"Teen Challenge and the Development of Social Concern Ministries in the Assemblies of God"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Miriam E. Joseph
"Perceived Cultural Influences on Generativity Identified by Childless Women"
Advisor: James H. Korn

Robert M. Lee
"Henry Adams and the Construction of Intellectual Unity"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann


James P. Dohle
"JROTC: A Study of Two St. Louis Schools"
Advisor: Wynne W. Moskop

Jane F. Ferry
"Flavors of Culture: A Semiotic Reading of Food in Film"
Advisor: Kathryn Kuhn

Christine F. Harper
"The Water Wizard: John F. Wixford and the Purification of the St. Louis Water Supply in 1904"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Carole L. Knight
"Survival of the Forest: The Evolution of Forest Park as a Reflection of the Social and Cultural Dynamics of St. Louis"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Mark H. Kruger
"The Influence of the 1960's Countercultural Values of Individualism, Anti-materialism, and Community on a Contemporary Intentional Community"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Rodney G. Stephens
"Richard Harding Davis and American Culture"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Mary D. Blixen
"David Rowland Francis: Missourian and Progressive Public Servant"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann

Regina M. Faden
"The German St. Vincent Orphan Home: The Institution and its Role in the Immigrant German Catholic Community of St. Louis 1850–1900"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Patricia L. Gregory
"Women's Experience of Reading in St. Louis Book Clubs"
Advisor: John J. Pauly

Loftin Woodiel
"William C. Quantrill: Deviant or Hero?"
Advisor: John J. Pauly


Kamau Kemayó
"An Afrocentric Critical Theory and Its Application to Three African American Novels"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Maureen Murphy
"Daughters of Sam Spade: The American Private Eye"
Advisor: Kathryn Kuhn


Thomas C. Barnett
"A Utopian-Mythopoesis Reading of American Puritan Jeremiads: A Reclassification of Selected Seventeenth Century New England Pulpit Literature"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Brian R. Hohlt
"‘Laws of the Lord': The Political World of Peter Cartwright, 1824–1848"
Advisor: Mark E. Neely, Jr.

Jane Marie Holwerda
"Family and Social Class in Selected Novels of Edith Wharton and Theodore Dreiser"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Alice C. Warren
"The Junior College District of St. Louis–St. Louis County, Missouri under the Leadership of Joseph P. Cosand, 1962–1971: A Study of the Impact of the Post–World War II Milieu on Policies That Shaped the Institution"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann

Valerie J. Yancey
"Attending the Dying: William James, a Resource for Medical Ethics at End-of-Life"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane


Michael L. Banks
"George S. Kaufman: American Social Critic on Stage"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Dawn L. Elmore-McCrary
"Culture in the Basic Writing Classroom"
Advisor: Buford E. Farris, Jr.

F. Terry Norris
"The Illinois Country, Lost and Found: Assessment of the Archaeological Remains of French Settlements in the Central Mississippi River Valley, 1673–1763"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Paul D. Nygard
"Man of Maine: A Life of Robert P. Tristram Coffin"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann

Timothy D. Uhl
"The Naming of St. Louis Catholic Parishes"
Advisor: James T. Fisher

Matthew S. Warshauer
"Andrew Jackson and the Politics of Martial Law"
Advisor: Mark E. Neely, Jr.


Jeannette Batz Cooperman
"Out of the Broom Closet: The Deep Hidden Meaning of Domesticity in Postfeminist Novels by Louise Erdrich, Mary Gordon, Toni Morrison, Marge Piercy, Jane Smiley and Amy Tan"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Kenneth C. Kaufman
"Roswell M. Field, Attorney for the Plaintiff, Dred Scott"
Advisor: Mark E. Neely, Jr.
Missouri History Book Award Winner

Andrew J. Madigan
"Countersystem Analysis and Social Criticism in the Works of Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, and J. D. Salinger"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Rhelda Mabry Morgan
Degree awarded posthumously.

Sue Ann Tretter
"The Developing Ministry to Blacks by the Archdiocese of St. Louis: The Case of Monsignor John Shocklee"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Ming Chang
"Reforming Literati as ‘The Conscience of the Society': A Sino-U.S. Cross-Cultural Study of the Leading Reformers in the Muckraking and ‘the Blooming and Contending' Movements"
Advisor: Buford E. Farris, Jr.

Joung-Min Choi
"The Critics of Democracy: The Political Visions of Walker Percy and the Tradition of Alexis de Tocqueville and the Vanderbilt Agrarians"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Riley H. Maynard
"Protest Music Lyrics, 1962–1975: Cultural Roles, Relationships, and Impacts: ‘This Machine Kills Fascists'"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Jeffrey M. Ritter
"Local Television News: Content, Deregulation, and the New Media Landscape"
Advisor: Wynne W. Moskop

Elaine C. Tillinger
"The Lure of the Line: Influences, Tradition, and Innovation in the Education and Career of a Woman Artist: Cornelia Field Maury (1866–1942)"
Advisor: Maurice B. McNamee


Karla Y. E. Frye
"Landscape as Structure in Black Women's Fiction"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Suzanne J. Loui
"Practical Transcendentalism: The Role of Nature in the Political Theories of Thomas Jefferson and Ralph Waldo Emerson"
Advisor: Wynne W. Moskop

Michael J. Steiner
"The Democratization of Immortality in Nineteenth-Century America"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann


Deborah A. Dey
"Pastoral Themes and Their Use in the Meramec Dam Controversy"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann

Jon L. Dressel
"The Road to Shiloh: Poems, 1970–1991"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Mary E. Waldron
"‘From Cornerstone to Steeple Cross': An Urban Parish Rebuilds Itself: Saint Francis Xavier (College) Church, 1884–1914"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Diane E. Carson
"A Feminist Reinterpretation of Screwball Comedies: 1934–1942"
Advisor: Buford E. Farris, Jr.

David R. Duke
"Leo Christensen: A Biography of the Founder of Ethyl Alcohol in the United States"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann

Helen Goldman
"Parallel Portraits: An Exploration of Racial Issues in the Art and Activism of Fannie Frank Cook"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Marla M. Hanley
"The Passion of the Ideal: Catheryne Cooke Gilman and the Role of Cultural Values in Societal Reform"
Advisor: Buford E. Farris, Jr.

John C. Mellis
"Coyote People and the Black Robes: Indigenous Roots of Salish Christianity"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane

Katherine A. Smith
"Mother Earth, Woman Spirit: Women and the Feminine Character as Symbol and Reality in the Nineteenth Century Plains Indian Culture"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Maria F. Snitzer
"Telling the Lives of Kate Chopin, Edith Wharton, and Willa Cather: The Effects of Social Change and Ideology upon Literary Biography"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp


Janice I. Brandon-Falcone
"Biography as Prism: The Life of C. F. Runcie"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Joanne Fritz
"A Popular Poet Meets the Twentieth Century: Edgar A. Guest and Middle Class Morality"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Christopher W. Gregory
"Perpetual Purification and Developing Sense of Self: The Evolving Theology and Person of Adin Ballou"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Mary E. Young
"‘Aunt Jemima and the Dragon Lady': Ethnicity and Gender in the Selected Writings of African-American and Chinese-American Women Writers"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


David N. Falcone
"John Peter Altgeld: Progressive Apologist for Social Justice"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Stephen F. Huss
"Take No Advantage: The Biography of Robert Campbell"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

William N. Koch
"An Unexpected American Apocalypse: Eschatology in the Thought of Thomas Merton and Its Significance for the Myth of America"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane

Peter J. Poletti, Jr.
"An Interdisciplinary Study of the Missouri Grape and Wine Industry, 1650–1989"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann


Harry T. Finkelston
"Selected Public Sculpture in St. Louis, Missouri, 1868–1914: A Study in Values and Attitudes"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Cecilia Lacks
"Documentary Photography: A Way of Looking at Ourselves"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Leland R. Stevens
"The Americanization of the Missouri Synod as Reflected within the Lutheran Witness"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane


Wayne Arthur Mehrhoff
"The Rainbow and the People: The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial as Symbolic Landscape"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane

Thomas C. Nickolai
"Fr. David Phelan and the Process of Americanization: The Social Question and the German-American Controversy"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Mary M. O'Brien
"The Female Hero in the Speculative Literature of the Twentieth Century: An Evolution of Adamic Eve"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Margaret M. Young
"Exposing the Myth of Bliss: Marriage and the Female Adam in the Fiction of Kate Chopin"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp


Susan M. Musgrove
"Charles A. Lindbergh and the American Dilemma: Tension and Resolution in the Conflict between Technology and Human Values"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane

Richard D. Wells
"Elizabeth Green: A Patronage Portrait"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann


Gerald C. Boyer
"A Chronicle of Print Media Influence: Objective Reporting, Muckraking, and the ‘New Journalism,' 1950–1975"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Sharon A. Brown
"Making a Memorial: Developing the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial National Historic Site, 1933–1980"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Elizabeth Burnett
"Thy Kingdom Come: The History of the Church Federation in St. Louis, 1909–1969"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane

William R. Hart
"By the River Gently Flowing"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville


Kathleen Ann Dempsey
"Irrationality in Current American Culture"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

April L. Hamel
"The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial: A Depression Relief Project"
Advisor: Martin Towey

Patricia J. Martin
"Aspects of Equality for Women in Selected Best Selling Novels of the 1920s and 1970s"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Maryann Rossi
"The Congregational Church Membership of Westport, Connecticut, 1835–1880, vs. the Land Structure in a Nineteenth Century New England Town"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


John G. Bayer, Jr.
"The Shifting Function of Rhetoric in Early Nineteenth-Century American Education and Belles Lettres"
Advisor: Walter J. Ong

Cheryl R. Kiley
"The Career and Films of Dudley Nichols"
Advisor: James Scott

Kathleen M. Puhr
"Novelistic Responses to the Vietnam War"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Regina Siegfried
"Conspicuous by Her Absence: Amherst's Religious Tradition and Emily Dickinson's Own Growth in Faith"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane


Joseph Francis Olszewski
"American Theater in the Sixties and Seventies: The Non-Broadway Stage and Its Playwrights"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Rebecca J. Weseley
"The Triumph of the System: Alexander Berkman, Anarchism, and America"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Susan Sias Waugh McDonald
"Writing and Identity: Autobiographies of American Women Novelists, 1930–1955"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville


Gertrude C. Byers
"American Journalism and China, 1945–1950"
Advisor: T. Michael Ruddy

Richard G. Caram
"The Secular Priests: A Study of the College Professor as Hero in Selected American Fiction (1955–1977)"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Donald P. Hallmark
"Chicago Sculptor Richard W. Bock: Social and Artistic Demands at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Mary S. O'Brien
"Value Changes in American Society as Evidenced in Selected Samplings from Mass Media, 1960–1970"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Joanne M. Hanrahan
"Admonition and Nurture: Views of Childhood and Youth in the American Periodical Press, 1820–1850"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Richard J. Heman
"The Social Views of Archbishop John Glennon in the Context of the Family: 1903–1924"
Advisor: William Barnaby Faherty

Luther E. Smith, Jr.
"An American Prophet: A Critical Study on the Thought of Howard Thurman"
Advisor: Allen O. Miller

Catherine L. Tudish
"The Schlemiel and the Reality Instructor: Moral Tension in the Novels of Saul Bellow"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Pamela N. Warford
"The Social Origins of Female Iconography: Selected Images of Women in American Popular Culture, 1890–1945"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Lloyd A. Hunter
"The Sacred South: Postwar Confederates and the Sacralization of Southern Culture"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Mary Jane Earle Johnson
"Rock Music as a Reflector of Social Attitudes among Youth in America during the 1960s"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Dennis R. Lubeck
"University City: A Suburban Community's Response to Civil Rights, 1959–1970"
Advisor: Frederick J. Dobney


Helen Canada
"The Quiet Ones: A Cameo Study of Another Kind of Texas, 1854–1900"
Advisor: John Francis Bannon

James R. McKee
"Kit Carson: Man of Fact and Fiction"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Robert Glen Walrond
"Winston Churchill and the St. Louis Progressives, 1900–1916"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Theodore Y. Blumoff
"Popular Fiction and the Creation of a Cold War Consensus: 1943–1952"
Advisor: Wolfgang Karrer

John Russell David
"Tragedy in Ragtime: Black Folktales from St. Louis"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Edward Arnold Medler
"Howells, Wright and the Theme of Social Protest: A Comparison Using Selected Works"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Charlotte Rohrbach
"Willa Cather, An Historian of Western Webster County, Nebraska: An Inquiry"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Elaine Stern
"The Conservative Gesture amidst Decades of Change: Jack Kerouac and William Saroyan"
Advisor: Albert Montesi


Martha O. Cruz
"The Regionalist Triumvirate and the ‘American Program': Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood, and John Stewart Curry"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

David Lynn Snowden
"Rail Passenger Service in the United States since the Nineteen Thirties: Its Decline, Nostalgia, and Esthetics (with Emphasis on Greater St. Louis)"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

David Martin Stasa
"A Comparative Study on the Detroit and St. Louis Sokols' Efforts to Preserve Czech Culture since World War II"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Roger Lee Whitlow
"A Socio-critical History of Nineteenth-Century Fiction Written by Black Americans"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Daniel Joseph Conoyer
"Missouri's Little Dixie: A Geographical Delineation"
Advisor: Dennis K. Ehrhardt

Milton Steven Katz
"Peace, Politics, and Protest: SANE and the American Peace Movement, 1957–1972"
Advisor: Jean-Robert Leguey-Feilleux


Mary Forrest Dowling
"The Saint Louis Movement: Reconstruction of the Individual and the Nation through Speculative Philosophy"
Advisor: Joseph G. Knapp

Rosemary Esterkamp
"Mark Twain's Pessimism: A Reconsideration"
Advisor: Theodore Haddin

Mary Hayes
"Politics and Government in Colonial Saint Louis: A Study in the Growth of Political Awareness, 1764–1803"
Advisor: William Barnaby Faherty

Richard Harold Patterson
"Harris Teachers College: 1904–1966"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Robert W. Taylor
"The Search for a New Urban Order: The Vision of a Suburban Civilization"
Advisor: John Willson

Carl J. Zell
"General Daniel Bissell"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Verlyn Lloyd Barker
"John W. Nevin: His Place in American Intellectual Thought"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Philip J. Anderson
"The Simple Builders: The Shakers, Their Villages and Architecture"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

Edward Eugene Foushee
"The Reciprocal Influence between Clergy and Laity on Social Issues: An Historical Investigation of Missouri's Presbyterian Clergy in Marion County on the Subject of Abolition, 1835–1845"
Advisor: Edward J. Maguire


Mary Nivard Fitzgerald
"The Mind of the American Expatriate"
Advisor: Joseph G. Knapp

Frances Alberta McAllister
"The Lakota Sioux: Their Ceremonies and Recreations"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

Linda Anne Mitchell McKee
"Captain Isaac Hull and the Portsmouth Navy Yard, 1813–1815"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting


John L. Oldani
"The Woman as Reformer: A Facet of the American Character"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

Berkley Kalin
"Social Criticism in Twentieth Century American Poetry"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

Dolores Jane Meyer
"Excursion Steamboating on the Mississippi with Streckfus Steamers, Inc."
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

Mary C. Taylor
"A History of the Foundations of Catholicism in Northern New York"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting


Kevin Corrigan Kearns
"The History of the Acquisition, Development and Restoration of Forest Park: 1870–1910"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting


Albert Joseph Patrick McCarthy
"The Oswego River: A Study in Historical Geography"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

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