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Yesterday was an unusual day for me. I spent the morning with a dear childhood friend who was visiting from abroad for a few days. She had brought a shopping list with her, so off we went to a large local mall, to get the items she was looking for. This was a great opportunity for us to catch up and reminisce about our common past.

We walked the mall levels from end to end, and by lunchtime we were starved. The food courtyard seemed the most logical lunch spot. You probably know that mall food courts are not exactly made for the health-conscious crowd. Everywhere we looked, there were burgers, deli sandwiches, french fries, and ice cream parlors. My friend is also following the Save Our Bones Program, so putting together our bone-healthy lunch seemed a little challenging.

Luckily, we spotted a “Build-Your-Salad” counter, somewhat hidden from the main area at the far corner of the giant food court. Perfect! Not only do I love salads, I also strive to eat raw foods as much as possible And that’s exactly what we did: we “built” our salads with lots of alkalizing fresh goodies and crunchy toppings. I stacked my salad as follows:

My Salad Stack

Romaine Lettuce and Broccoli

Both are deliciously crispy Foundation Foods packed with bone-healthy Vitamin K, Vitamin C, boron, and silicon.

Vitamin C is a multi-tasking vitamin, which is crucial for collagen production and plays an important role in protein metabolism.1 Unlike most mammals, we don’t produce our own, so don’t skimp on this vitamin; it’s crucial. Boron’s role in bone health is very important. It is involved in bone metabolism and Vitamin D activity.2 I make sure to eat foods with it, not that it’s difficult. Many of my favorite foods contain boron: almonds, dried apricots, carrots, and bananas – to name a few.

Sliced Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, Onions, and Beets

All are Foundation Foods because they are among the highest sources of silicon. (You can read all about silicon in my article, The Incredible, Crunchable Cucumber.

Cubed Avocado

One of my favorite veggies and a Foundation Food thanks to its Vitamin B complex content and boron.

Grape Tomatoes

A versatile Foundation Food for silicon, copper, and an outstanding source of the bone-building antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene actually stimulates your bone-building cells.3 Nothing short of amazing!

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice Dressing

I used olive oil with lemon juice as a dressing, and sprinkled sesame seeds and chopped almonds for a satisfying and calcium-rich crunch (and both are Foundation Foods, I might add).

When I looked at my salad, it literally looked as though I had brought the rainbow to my plate.

Sandwich and Desert

The egg sandwich was perfect and added just the right balance to complete the meal… and some Vitamin B. We both had a small fresh fruit cup (one of my absolute favorite desserts). Much to our surprise our mall-lunch was as delicious as it looked… and, of course, bone-healthy to the max!

Eating out can be a challenge, but we managed really well, especially considering that restaurants were serving mostly acidifying foods. As it turned out, I helped my friend “hunt” for bargains… and for a delicious, bone-friendly, and satisfying lunch out. And with all this, we had a ton of fun!

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There was a time when I’d do my shopping after work on a weekday. The malls are quieter and there’s always something a little naughty about shopping on a weekday. A little like a forbidden fruit because week days are for work you know, not play.

These days, I hardly go to the malls anymore but last weekend on a bit of a whim, I decided to brave myself and hit the closest mall. When I managed to get parking almost immediately upon entering the car park, I knew it was going to be a good day. And it turned out it was!

I was there to find a pair of black heels for work, and I managed to within about half an hour of looking. You know what they say right? If you find what you are looking for within an hour of browsing, it’ll be a good shopping day. It was too.

But the thing was, I was shopping alone. That allowed me to take my time or breeze through irrelevant sections of the department store as I saw fit. At the end of a good shopping day which included that said pair of shoes (at half price yo!) and some new makeup and lots of lovely groceries (yes, grocery shopping makes me VERY happy – got a problem with that? ๐Ÿ˜› ) I found myself strolling back to the car, pretty much laden down as in the pic above and thinking about whether it was more fun to shop alone or with friends or family.

What say you?

I like browsing and window shopping with friends or family. It’s fun to pick out clothes or shoes that we might not otherwise notice, or play with makeup colours and just have fun while at it. Sometimes, if I’m shopping for clothes I like having a second opinion, especially if I’m feeling on the fence about a particular item.

But when I want to do proper serious shopping, I prefer to shop alone. I don’t feel like I’m taking up anyone’s time nor do I feel like anyone is obliged to keep me company while I hmm and haw over choices and colours and design. I sometimes take a while to decide if I want something and in the case of shoes, I ended up walking through the shoe department 3 times before I spotted the shoe I eventually bought. If I shop alone and feel on the fence about a particular item, I usually don’t buy it. Learned this the hard way after some duds ๐Ÿ˜›

If I had been with someone, I may not have taken as much time to browse. If said friend is just tagging along they may feel bored or tired or just uninterested in general. I don’t blame them. If I’m on the receiving end, that’s exactly how I’d feel. I also find that when I go out shopping with people, I always end up not buying anything LOL

My sister tells me I’m horrible because when she’s out with me, she ends up doing all the shopping while I don’t buy anything ๐Ÿ˜€ But when I’m on my own with the intention to buy something, I usually find I’m better that way. I find what I want, buy it and leave. I don’t infringe on anyone’s time, I buy something I like (never mind that others may not) and I go where I want and see what I want without having people dragging their feet after me.

Do you prefer shopping alone or with friends or just with someone?

As I said, for actual proper shopping, I prefer to go at it alone. It’s more liberating. But if I’m browsing then I like doing so with friends or family. How about you? ๐Ÿ˜€

Paris B

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