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1 Case Study: Puyallup Mall
Background:A development company tried to start up with a new shopping center.Issues:What types of stores should be included in the shopping center within the constraints.

2 Constraints: 1. 1600 SQ Feet are available
2. Total annual rent >= Annual fixed cost: $130,0003. Total construction costs=$700,0004. Clothing, HG, Misc. >= 1 store5. # of Restaurants >= 2 stores6. 1 <= clothing <= 27. Misc. <= (Clothing + HG)

3 Formulate EquationLet Xi=0-1 integer variable, where Xi=1 if store i is selected and Xi=0 if store i is not selectedMax. Fl Space = 1.0(X1)+1.6(X2)+2.0(X3)+3.2(X4)+1.8(X5)+2.1(X6)+1.2(X7)+2.4(X8)+1.6(X9)+2.0(X10)+0.6(X11)+0.5(X12)+1.4(X13)+2.0(X14)+1.0(X15)

4 Given subjects in the case
Space:1.0(X1)+1.6(X2)+2.0(X3)+3.2(X4)+1.8(X5)+2.1(X6)+1.2(X7)+2.4(X8)+1.6(X9)+2.0(X10)+0.6(X11)+0.5(X12)+1.4(X13)+2.0(X14)+1.0(X15)<=16Annual Rent:32.5(X1)+40.7(X2)+58.3(X3)+186(X4)+97.3(X5)+121.1(X6)+52.9(X7)+99.6(X8)+63.1(X9)+77.7(X10)+21.9(X11)+14.8(X12)+61.7(X13)+89.6(X14)+60.8(X15)<=130Construction Costs: 24.6(X1)+32(X2)+41.4(X3)+124.4(X4)+64.8(X5)+79.8(X6)+38.6(X7)+66.8(X8)+45.1(X9)+54.3(X10)+15(X11)+13.4(X12)+42(X13)+63.7(X14)+40(X15)<=700

5 Given subjects in the case
At least one store of clothing, HG, and Misc.:X1+X2+X3+X8+X9+X10+X11+X12+X13+X14+X15>=1At least 2 restaurants:X4+X5+X6+X7>=2No more than 2 from clothing group:X1+X2+X3<=2# of Misc. stores<= (# of clothing and # of HG stores)X11+X12+X13+X14+X15-X1-X2-X3-X8-X9-X10<=0

6 Setup Excel Step 1 Start Excel and create a new worksheet Step 2
Enter Headings, variables, and coefficients for the objective functionStep 3Enter cells where values of variables will be located, this is where solver will put the solutionStep 4Write formula to compute left side constraints

7 Excel Tabular Step 5 Enter right side constraints
The spread Sheet is now ready to run solver

8 Excel Solver Step 6 Click on Tools then Solver Step 7
Fill in Solver Parameters to match your Spread Sheet layout

9 Excel Solver Step 8 Set Solver Options as follows Step 9
Solve the problem and Keep solver Values

10 View the result

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