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Cuhk Psychology Application Essay

Study Scheme (Pre-Candidacy)

1. Coursework Requirement

 Students are required to complete a minimum of 14 units of courses (excluding thesis research courses)
 (a)Required Courses: 14 units
  First Year of Attendance  
  Students are required to take a minimun of 11 units and obtain a minimum grade of B-.  
  (i)PSYC50103 units 
   PSYC60003 units 
   PSYC63002 units 
  (ii)1 from the following 2 courses3 units 
  (iii)1 from the following 5 courses which has not been selected as required course(s)3 units 
   PSYC6010, 7010, 7012, 7020, 7021  
   Total:14 units
 (b)Thesis Research Courses:  
  Students are required to take the following thesis research course every term and obtain a minimum grade of B-:  
  Full-time students: PSYC8006  
  Part-time and continuing students: PSYC8003  

2. Candidacy Examination

The candidacy examination is a Major Qualifying Assessment which consists of a written paper and an oral examination. Prior to the thesis proposal oral defense, students will need to do a Psych Review-type paper (literature review or meta-analysis) of approximately 6,000 words in main text (around 30 pages double-spaced) as an intensive review of a body of literature approved by their supervisor. Students are also required to pass an oral examination on this review.

The candidacy examination will be arranged 2 times per year. A student will be asked to have the second attempt when he/she has failed the examination for the first time. A student will be asked to withdraw from the programme if he/she has failed the examination for the second time.

3. Thesis Proposal and Oral Defense

After passing the Candidacy Examination*, the candidate must submit a thesis proposal of approximately 20 pages and pass a thesis proposal oral defense by a Thesis Committee consisting of his/her thesis supervisor and other nominated internal examiners.

* No later than 30 January of second year of studies for students admitted with a research Master's degree;
* No later than 30 January of third year of studies for students admitted with a Bachelor's degree.

Applicants are required to fulfil the English Language Admissions Requirement by submitting any one of the following documents:

  1. Copy of graduation certificate issued by a university in Hong Kong; or
  2. A certifying letter issued by the Registry of your university confirming the medium of instruction of your completed degree programme was English; or
  3. Original valid official score report of TOEFL^ (University’s institution code: 0812)/IELTS (Academic)^/GMAT (Verbal)^ sent directly from the test organization to the University (HKPFS only accepts score report of TOEFL or IELTS (Academic)); or
  4. Certification of Results of the English Language subject in Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (AS Level), or Hong Kong Higher Level Examination, or Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination provided by Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority; or
  5. Certified true copy* of Statement of Results/report of the English Language subject in General Certificate of Education (GCE) A-level or AS-level/CUHK Matriculation Examination; or
  6. Certified true copy* of certificate of a recognized professional qualification for which the examination was conducted in English. Different programmes may accept different professional qualifications, please contact the respective Graduate Division for details.

* The certified true copy must be issued by the official organization or relevant test organization. The University may require applicants to provide the original documents for verification.

^ TOEFL and IELTS are considered valid for two years from the test date. GMAT is considered valid for five years from the test date.

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