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Adobe Premiere Tutorial Titles For Essays

Course Transcript

- [Ashley] Hi, I'm Ashley Kennedy. Welcome to the Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud Essential Training. For the first time ever, we've broken the Essential Training out into two separate but connected courses to cater to different types of learners. This is Premiere Pro Essential Training: the Basics where we'll get you up to speed on the foundations of editing in the Premiere Pro environment. In this course, we'll be making a short promo for the Topa Topa Brewing Company in Ventura, California. To craete this video, there are quite a few steps. I'll show you how to import and organize your media so you can set up your project and start it off right. I'll show you many basic editing and refining techniques. We'll learn to work with audio editing tools as we focus on building our project's soundtrack. We'll explore how to integrate some basic types of effects to fix, enhance, stylize and re-time our footage. We'll get introduced to Premiere Pro's robust color correction tools to…

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