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Education For All Essay

Nowadays, the issue of equal access to education is popular to be discussed, as the modern globalized world is focused on reaching equality and happy life for each individual disregarding their cultural background. A speech on the topic education for all should discuss the main principles guiding people to contribute their effort, knowledge or resources for such aim. It should include the description of benefits that access to education entails. Moreover, it would be helpful to include the lack of such opportunity as well as outline the reasons for it. A speech on topic education for all should also be motivation, meaning that the speaker should not only list the points relevant to the topic, but also inspire the audience to take action in order to find common solutions to the issue of unequal access to education worldwide.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

I am honored to speak in front of you today on the topic of education for all. As part of the new UNESCO initiative each of us should strive to reach the equal access to education across the entire world. Historically, the world has been unequally divided, leaving some countries behind, while others reaching for success and prosperity. However, the privileges of living in a developed country are quite short – term, meaning that the country and the population would only benefit from the educated neighbors. Moreover, it is our obligation to do all in order to make a difference in the world. We have the resources and knowledge that would help millions of children in the poor as well as developing countries to apply their creativity, establish innovations and lead out world into the next era.

Education itself holds essential benefits for the mankind. First of all, it reduces poverty, what is the most terrifying issue for the society to conquer not only in terms of the global approach, but across the United States as well. It holds the features of economic and financial prosperity. For instance, the level of one’s education enables the flow of additional income and possibility of occupying better career positions. Finally, education can save lives of children in the most unsuitable for growing up circumstances. Knowledge that education grants enables young men and women to avoid plenty of mistakes that happen due to the lack of information and discussions.

If we want to live in a peaceful and happy society we should provide children, who are the new generation with free education for all. There should be no doubt in the advantages of the education, yet once we try to look at drawbacks, we will find none. Right now, there are children in need of our support, in need of books and teachers, who will provide them with vital for happy living resource of information. It is in our power to change this world and make it a better place for own children, not worrying about their safety and comfort.

Thank you for your attention!

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Essay about The Education System

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The education system has been a controversial issue among educators. Requirements of school do not let student choose what they want to study for their future. It’s a big issue to force student study specific curriculums, which don’t help them improve, and what they like to create something. Educators choose a general system for education to all students which based on general knowledge. Intelligent or genius students have to be in that system of education, which doesn’t let them improve their creativity. Educators attempt to change that system to make it better, but their changing was not that great to be an example for the world. Also, did that change qualify education system to compete other systems or not? In some examples and…show more content…

Gatto is concern to society that the contemporary schooling system is trying to get rid of students’ personality by turning them into obedient students that are easy to have power over (control). Therefore, the system will produce uneducated voters that are easy to be misled by higher powers. In addition, students are not given the freedom of choosing what they want. He is saying that public schools are not the only way to success; also, unschooled people don’t mean that they are uneducated. Moreover, Gatto encourages home-school system than public school as option because home-school system has more independence but it’s not a solution for the US. I disagree to his solution because he is supporting examples from old generation such as Edison and Ben Franklin; however, our generation is different than before. It needs school environment like sharing our ideas in class and helping each other to solve problems. Therefore, homeschool is not the solution to success. It is a combination of the students’ skills, intelligence, and effort that makes up their success.
Graff says that putting students in classes in the contemporary system is wasting and limiting students’ potential and creativity (198). Complaining that intellects do not meet the success standard set by schools, Graff proves that schools limit the intellect students can achieve in their academic career (198-199).

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