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Alchemist Easy Definition Essay

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho What Is Fatima's Definition Of Love?

There are many definitions of love in this world, and each has its own reason behind it. Fatima defines love as many things, here are some examples below.

Fatima defines love as trust. She says that as she is" a part of your(his) dream", "I(she) want you(him) to continue towards your(his) goal." She thinks that if she is really part of his dream, he will "come back one day" for her. She does thinks that love is trust as if there is no trust there will not be a strong bond between them.

Fatima defines love as not possessive. She does not want Santiago to stay with her all the time if he does not want to; she wants him to "wander as free as the wind that shapes the dunes". She does not want to restrict him in anything he needs or wants to do as she thinks that if she really is part of his dream, he will come back for her, and therefore she leaves the choice to Santiago.

Fatima defines love as patience. She says that for the desert women, they know that "the desert takes our(their) men from us(them)", and that they have to wait for their return, and now, she too, "will be one of the women who wait". She thinks that love can withstand the test of time and will not break them apart, as she thinks that love is undying.

Fatima defines love as an undying feeling. She says that although she will be apart from Santiago, their love will be like how "the dunes are changed by the wind, but the desert (is) never changes". She says that if she is " really part of your(his) dream, you'll come back one day". She will even accept the fact that Santiago has died on his way to find the treasure he had been seeking. She will never give up the love of her life for anyone else and instead, would give up everything else for the love of her life, Santiago.

Fatima defines love as making the other party happy. She wants Santiago to continue with his search for treasure as she knows that that will...

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho What are your feelings about Santiago?

568 words - 2 pages Santiago has many good qualities that has evoked feelings about him in me. Let us see what they are.I admire him because :1. He was brave enough to tell his father his real dream of travelling to other places other than his home and discovering" the castles in the towns" and would like to "see their land and see how they live". He does not give in easily to...

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho: How the lesson "follow your intuition" ties into the book.

597 words - 2 pages The Alchemist EssayHave you ever cheated death, because of a feeling in the gut of your stomach? Have you ever decided to stay home, because something just didn't seem right? All of these scenarios can be...

Fulfilling Destiny: A comparison between "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho and "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach

823 words - 3 pages Everyone has a destiny. Your Personal Legend, or destiny, is your reason for being alive.Everyone is entrusted with a something they should do, whether it be becoming a great politicalleader, or finding treasure. But free will gets in the way of fulfilling one’s destiny. That means we can choose whether or not to follow our Personal Legend. Following and not following your Personal Legend can lead your life in two different...

The Love of a Woman in Paulo Coelho’s Novel "The Alchemist"

1178 words - 5 pages In Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist the story of the shepherd boy Santiago and his journey to fulfill his Personal Legend unfolds from beginning to end. On his journey Santiago meets several significant male characters that play very important roles in the development of his character, his journey, and his story. There are only a few female characters in The Alchemist, as men dominate the story; however, one of these female characters also...

The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho summarize the alchemist

836 words - 3 pages The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho is a story about a boy named Santiago who has spent two years shepherding...

The Life and Works of Paulo Coelho

1852 words - 7 pages Paulo Coelho - is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist. He was born in August 1947. He published a total of sixteen books - novels, annotated anthologies, collections of short stories-parables. (Paulo) When Paulo was seven years, he entered the Jesuit school of San Ignacio in Rio de Janeiro. ("Paulo Coelho") Soon he started to hate compulsory religious rituals, however, in spite of his aversion to the prayers and masses, he received at this school...

What is the Definition of True Love?

1785 words - 7 pages "I wanna love you and treat you right; I wanna love you every day and every night: We'll be together with a roof right over our heads; We'll share the shelter of my single bed; We'll share the same room, yeah! - for Jah provide the bread. Is this love - is this love - is this love - Is this love that I'm feelin'?"--- Bob Marley. Bob Marley wrote and sang about love just like hundreds of people before him....

Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist' .

928 words - 4 pages The AlchemistPaulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist' is a tale about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago who goes on a journey to find treasure. On his journey, Santiago encounters several...

"What Is Love?" An essay discussing both the biblical definition of love and the modern secular definition. Cites both the Holy Bible (New International Version) and Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

543 words - 2 pages What is Love?In today's society, love is most often thought of as a romantic feeling between two people. However, it also exists between friends, relatives, and other people. 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 clearly states what love is.1 Corinthians says that love keeps no record of wrongs. This doesn't mean, however, that someone who misbehaves often can't earn a bad reputation. A good example of this is mark Twain's character Tom Sawyer....

How was the concept of an inner journey conveyed in Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist"?

818 words - 3 pages Paulo Coelho teaches us just how true those metaphors are in his novel "The Alchemist". Through a physical...

The Journeys of Survival in Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and Yann Martel’s Life of Pi

1852 words - 7 pages Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and Yann Martel’s Life of Pi In his first voyage in 1492, when Christopher Columbus set out to search for India, he ended up landing in America on a small island in the Caribbean Sea instead of Asia. He then made several other voyages to the New World in search for riches, thinking that he was exploring an already explored land. He had discovered America, which was the greatest riches of them all. This shows that when...

Powerful Life Lessons From The Alchemist By Paulo Cohelo

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