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Essay On Literacy And Education

The word 'literacy' means an ability to read and write. In a civilized country, every citizen should learn how to read and write. If not, he is called an illiterate person. An illiterate person has to face many practical difficulties in life.

As he is unable to read or write, he cannot read a letter addressed to him by his near and dear ones. He cannot calculate his own income and expenses, nor can keep his own accounts. Morally and psychologically, he feels insecure and weak, and hence suffers from an inferiority complex.

Therefore, every person in the society should try to become literate. If it was not possible in an early age, a grown-up man can yet learn how to read and write in his advanced stage of life. Literacy will help him also in gaining common knowledge in various subjects, which will make him a "complete man.

An illiterate man is generally exploited by the clever men in the society. They take full advantage of his ignorance of the language or wisdom. The illiterate men become like dancing dolls at the hands of the clever persons. They suffer in many ways in life.

Now-a-days, the Indian governments have taken a litera­cy drive all over the country. They are sending teachers into the remote corners of the villages of India in order to educate the people, irrespective of their age or profession.

The programme of education has taken a bold step, and the results are encouraging. The students and the educated youth should come forward to join the literacy movement since launched by the government of India.

Classes can be held in a primary school or in any other suitable place that is available in the area chosen for literacy movement. Teaching can be arranged in the morning or in the evening.

The students may be peasants, mill workers, or traders, the poor or the rich. Education must be free and vol­untary. The students are to be supplied with the books, and taught first how to read them, and then, how to write the scripts, imitating the printed letters in the books.

It has been seen that the people of India have remark­ably responded to this drive, and shown great interest in adult education, apart from the education of the young ones.

The percentage of literate persons in India has considerably increased in comparison with the figures of the earlier years. It is found that in the villages, the young and the old men and women assemble and sit together to take lessons from the teachers who have been specially trained and appointed for the purpose of teaching the illiterate mass.

The students should also come forward voluntarily to actively participate in this noble literacy drive and make their country free from the curse of illiteracy.


The Importance of Literacy Essay

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Is it important to be a literate person in today’s society? The ability to function well depends on whether or not a person is literate and can comprehend what is going on around them. If a person doesn’t have the basic ability to read, they will feel the stress and dependency on others because of their illiteracy. Illiteracy is a big problem because without the knowledge of reading, illiterate people can’t perform daily tasks and responsibilities in daily life. When all it would take is a mere two minutes out of your day, don’t you think illiteracy can be helped or even extinguished? In today’s society illiterate people are looked at as “half-citizens” (Kozol 190). They are dependent on literate people to function daily. Think…show more content…

The problem is not only that illiterate people are dependent on others, it’s also that the literate, well-functioning people of society aren’t always willing to put forth help. Help may only take a few minutes out of someone’s day, and to them be no big deal. For an illiterate person, those few minutes may be the defining of their lives. As an example, I will talk briefly about my cousin, born into a broken home and forced to deal with illiteracy on a daily basis. Steven was brought up in a bad neighborhood and raised by the streets. His family simply didn’t care about anything other than how they would afford their next bottle of booze or pack of cigarettes. Growing up, he was never told he had to go to school; therefore, he only went on occasion. His lack of schooling in his younger years took its toll on him by the time he hit high school. Living in a bad neighborhood and brought up by gangs, Steven’s life was in a bad condition.
After dropping out of high school in his sophomore year, Steven attempted to get a job, but without a diploma or a license this was just close to impossible for him. In desperate need of a job, to support his growing family, Steven took to the streets and made money the only way he knew how. After several months, he was living the good life, until the day came that changed his life forever. He ended up selling drugs to an undercover police officer and was sent to jail for three years.

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