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Sports Stars Are Paid Too Much Essaytyper

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  • Of course they are.

    Sports stars and professional athletes have a small value to society. Their purpose is purely entertainment. They gain too much money for playing a game. The money they get is more than what the president is paid! All of that money could go to things that need it far more than greedy sports stars.

  • Sports players paid too much

    Some sports get paid more than others and it isn't fair to other players or the sport itself. It seems like some sports players that get a higher contract are only in it for the big bucks and not because they love the sport. NHL players get paid about 7 million a year and Tiger Woods gets over 40 million.

  • Only entertainment nothing else.

    They are working in normal or short periods of time pr day, and get alot more in salary without being a productive part of society, their only real function is entertainment. Which i do think can be nice, but i dont belive they should get any more than a medium/high salary, instead of a unrealistic salary, as i do understand they are the top of their sport.

  • Unfortunately, they are.

    Unfortunately, I do think sport stars a paid a bit too much. Especially NFL football stars. I think some times the big pay may actually get to their head, and they find themselves being more concerned about playing only for their big pay checks, as opposed to playing for the love of the game.

  • Yes paid too much

    Sports stars are paid way too much today. They do have a right to be paid well as they are a large entertainment attraction. However what happens is their contracts keep getting larger and larger and the price of tickets keep going up as a result. Hundreds of millions of dollars is just too much to be paid for what they do.

  • Yes, they make too much.

    Sports stars make too much money and so the seats for games are excessive and unaffordable for many. But they are not the only ones; we are in a culture of celebrity and all celebrities feel that they can charge whatever the market will bear once they create a niche for themselves.

  • Yes they are.

    Sport stars are paid way too much. There is no reason they should be getting paid that well yet we have people on the street. With their salary they could afford to take a good portion of those people off the street and into a good home where they belong.

  • Sports Stars are Paid Too Much

    Yes, I believe that many professional sports stars are paid too much. The fact that some sports players get paid more than the President of the United States of America is a bit preposterous. I understand that athletes work extremely hard, and often their careers can be short due to injury, but I still don't feel that warrants sports stars to get paid as much as they do or make more than the President.

  • Military is more important

    They are payed to much money because people who are in the military risk their lives for this country and they are getting payed less then people who are playing a game. Think about what is more important a Sports league or our Military. Just it is just wrong ...

  • Overpaid athletes and underpaid important workers are a reflection of Americans putting their priorities wrong - this will have DIRE consequences.

    POTUS makes $400000 a year. Soldiers make $25000 a year. Teachers make $60000 a year. Top doctors make $200000 a year max. An NBA rookie makes $800000 a year. An average MLB player makes more money PER GAME than teachers made in a year. A NFL player makes more money in just one game than one soldier made during all years in service.
    Remember that all professional sports, at least in the United States, are big businesses started up by the Elite Rothschilds, for people who are dumb enough to realise that they are brainwashed by the Elites. In turn, the masses - as customers - pay their hard-earned cash to these sports corporations, and eventually to the athletes. In short, people pay money to these athletes.
    Time and time again, overpaid Hollywood actors and professional athletes are a reflection of America's dumbed down society, overly obsessed with Hollywood and sports. Americans nowadays know more about The Big Four Leagues than their own country. If Americans' priorities are not corrected soon, moral values will vanish and eventually bring down America like how Rome collapsed.
    Ever wondered why United States of America produces less and less scientists, engineers, doctors and programmers (and yet produces more and more fine athletes)? Ever wondered why United States of America lagging far behind China and India in education? It's time for America to wake up or will face dire consequences.

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