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Write An Essay On Importance Of English Language

English Language is the key to success

01/02/2012 22:45:32


One of the most important international languages is English Language. It is considered as a requirement for studying abroad for several decades. In particular, most of the textbooks in all the different disciplines are in English, including business textbooks.  

Students who aim at getting master or Ph.D in one of the business disciplines, they must consider that. However, some student may be confused or misled to become fluent English speaker or may don’t realize how much English language is important, or they are frustrated because they don’t speak well.

In this article, I need to shed light and to cast attention about the ways the international students can follow in order to improve their English Language skills.

Someone can ask what English fluency is or how can I learn English language? In fact, this is an important and wide question as well as it is elusive question.

First of all, the student should differentiate between textbooks language and real English Language. For textbooks, student should study and read business textbooks line by line to get familiar with business terms, namely, economic, financial, accounting and management terms, such as fiscal and monetary policies, derivatives, materiality, accounting theory, pensions, capital leases, etc…. therefore, this process allow student write in business language. In addition, you should focus on grammar in order to write statements free from mistakes.

On the other side, real English Language is the daily language used by native speakers in the street, supermarkets, companies, public places, in buses, etc…. For example, In Arabic Language, there are two versions: standard Arabic Language which used in literature, poems, while colloquial Arabic Language which is used in our daily life.

Second, our topic is how to get fluent English Language speaker?

So, I am so pleased to introduce some tips for international students regarding learning English language.

First, don’t memorize individual words, but study and memorize phrases and statements.

Second, read articles, conversations, stories and try to write new statements and imagine stories that simulate the stories you red before.  

Third, Download videos, films, conversations and repeatedly listen to them (listen for more than 20 times)

Fourth, try to repeat what the native speaker said during the conversation.

Fifth, study the words and phrases that are familiar and repeatedly used. This requires listening to movies, CNN, BBC, WWE, Euro news agencies.

Sixth, focus on pronunciation, be patient to listen conversations several times, try to repeat what do you hear, and sometimes try to write the difficult idioms that native speakers used.

Fortunately, with the introduction of internet, students find easy access to websites in this respect, and download hundreds of articles, stories, conversations that related to our life aspects.

For our business school, English Language is the PILLAR of it. In addition, our business school adopts four English Language courses focusing on business communication skills.  It also supports and motivates students to get part of learning English language programs that conducted outside the university. However, students who face significant problems in English Language, they fail to get the required score, and then they are dismissed.  

To conclude, Listening and speaking are the keys to get proficient in English language.

Practice, Practice, Practice and Practice………………………….

Don’t be frustrated, Always try, try, try, try and try…………………………

Hard working is the key to success………………


Importance of English language is same as the colours are required to fill a painting. Without colours painting also exist but a colourful world is always better than a colourless universe. Similarly, the importance of English language in life can be understood.

If you know several languages then it is good, if you speak your mother language frequently, it is also wonderful, but having a good knowledge of English language makes you awesome. It is like an extra cheese layer on your piece of pizza.

We all have seen the importance of English language in today’s world. On the internet, you find yourself more comfortable in English. If you don’t have proper English knowledge then you will get only limited search results & you will gain only half of the knowledge.

Why Learning English Language is Important

  • When you are rejected by a higher English speaking class only because you cannot interact with them easily. You have great ideas, you know that you are more intelligent than them but due to your lack of the communicating skill in English, make you helpless.
  • After having an excellent academic career you are rejected by an enterprise only because you can’t communicate in the English language. You were always topper of your class but at this stage suddenly you are disqualified, only because of a single reason i.e. No English!
  • Due to your poor communication skill, you are neglected by the friends. Everyone praises a rising sun. You love your friends, you want to be with them but your ‘poor personality’ where you even can’t speak in 2 lines of English, you got a hurting rejection.
  • You want to admit your child in a very reputed school of the city but you couldn’t, because knowing English to parents is mandatory there. It hurts your emotions, your dreams you have seen regarding the future of your child.
  • You want to connect to different people from the world but due to lack of knowledge of English language, you have a limited friends list. You want to make friends, you love to talk to people, you want to know the people all around the world but how? Don’t you know what is English?
  • You want to share your ideas, thoughts to all over the world, you want to let the people know your opinion about a particular topic but you can’t, until you know that how to be perfect in the English language.
  • Everyone studies but who is the topper? Who is a little extra smart and who knows a bit more than others? The English language is very much helpful in acquiring good marks in the exams. If your English is good you can read international books also and it will increase your knowledge. This will make the students a few steps ahead in the world of competition.
  • If you want to get promoted in your office among several employees, you must have much better communication skills than others. English will help you in this because you will be able to deal internationally.
  • As the modern world is the world of self-startups & when you start your own online business like online marketing etc you need to know the one language that can connect you with your clients. English is that language.
  • There are several online courses provided to the students today. Several kinds of degree are given online. To approach these facilities English help you.
  • For girls as well as boys many updated fashion tips are given on the internet. To access them you need a better knowledge.
  • Many youngsters want to learn some professional things like music, dance, playing guitar etc. but due to lack of time and money they are not able to do that. The internet provides them such opportunity and English is essential to make the words understand.
  • For housewives many kitchen recipes online, some of them may not be in their mother language. So to acquire more tips you need to learn English.

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Some other reasons to learn the English language are:

  • Perfect Communication: Everyone has the ability to speak but who is heard? The one who speaks effectively. People are impressed by them who do possess the perfect communication skills & English help you in it.
  • Effective Personality: For an impressive and effective personality English plays an important role because sharing your thoughts effectively and with good knowledge will make your personality more attracted.
  • To Be Noticed: There are several people in the world who are related to the same profession. Then how will you be noticed in your field? Here, a good knowledge of English with great communication skills can make you much better and noticeable than others.
  • Gain Confidence: If you have much smarter skills than others then automatically your self-confidence will be high & you can perform better in each field. Knowledge of English helps you in this.
  • Reach The Goal Quickly and Smartly: The English language helps you to reach your goal quickly and smartly as you have gone through many ways to do anything & you have searched several ways before, then you have chosen the better way.
  • Part of Globalisation: Now the world is global & English is a global language. If you also want to be a part of this globalisation then you must have an efficient approach to the English language. So, you can interact with whole the world.
  • Multiple Career Choices: For a person who is having effective communication skills than others has much career options. He could be selected easily than others. As I said English is used almost in every field. So a good knowledge of English provides you more career platforms.

So, if you want the above things to come to happen, you have to learn the English language.

There are many such examples indicating the importance of English language. From child to business, housewives, students etc. everyone faces the difficulties because of being away from the English language. This is what the importance of English language in our life is.

After knowing the importance of English language, you must know the tips on how to improve your English. Also, how to improve your communication skills!

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To improve your English language, as well as communication skills, follow these things:

  • First of all, buy a Dictionary, so you can know the exact meaning of the words & you can use them confidently.
  • Try to speak English with your friends, family etc. Also, try to speak English in front of the mirror. This will build up your confidence.
  • Make a list of daily using items and find their English name. These things could be eatable like the vegetable, pulses, fruits etc. or clothing from head to toe or anything else you do use.
  • Watch English news channels, serials, movies etc. and try to understand them. Also, see their speaking way that how do they pronounce the words & then you also try speaking the same way.
  • Read English magazines, newspapers etc. on the regular basis. The word you find tough underline that and then find its meaning in the dictionary. This will lead you to how to make your vocabulary strong.
  • Participate in group discussion, interviews etc which are in the English language. This will make you confident.
  • Write a daily routine diary of yours, in English. First of all, think in English and write in English.
  • Try to write stories on the importance of English, also essay on the importance of English.
  • Make some short notes on the importance of English language.
  • Never hesitate. Nobody is perfect in the world. Everyone is a born fighter. So you must fight with your drawbacks and be a better one.
  • At least practice 5 minutes English daily. Write for 5 minutes and then speak for 5 minutes in English only daily. These 5 minutes will give you a precious upcoming time.

etc. Here you can learn complete article on English communication skills: Creative tips to improve English communication skills.

These tips can be followed according to your need, e.g. if you are a student then you also have to give more stress on to increase your vocabulary besides all the other tips. A housewife may not need too much deep knowledge of English language. She can use any of the tips which suit her most. Similarly, a writer should practice more on writing in English. So, choose the right one for you.

Now you have definitely got some genuine ideas to improve your English language. But without the strong foundation stone, we cannot make a perfect building. English grammar is that foundation stone to English. You must be thinking that how to improve your grammar!

Start from the basic rules like Tense, Sentence, Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Idioms and phrases etc. Try to learn these things perfectly. You must keep in mind that if your grammar is strong English will automatically be.

You must have the ability to differentiate the words. Like, you must know the difference between “English” and “English”. Confused? What is English! Here one word English means the English language & the other word indicate the citizens of UK. So, you should know about the proper use of words & also how to use helping verbs. Like, what is English & who are English!

There is a wide Importance of English language in education also. To get more you have learned more. Many famous personalities are there who interact with the public in English only, so if you also want to connect with them learn English.

Now further the importance of teaching the English language is also considerable. A good English teacher must have the sound knowledge of English. Similarly, to be good in English a good learner is also important. No one can teach and no one can learn if did unwillingly.

Now from the whole scenario you must have got that why the English language is important in nowadays. So guys, in short:

Accept the importance of English language. Try to learn it. Realise the importance of English language in our life. Believe in the importance of teaching the English language. Learn the importance of English grammar.

If you want success in your life and you want to rise up then you have to learn the English language.

Stop blaming the English language only because you can’t speak it. This is not about the matter of choice it is about the need of today. Give your 100% to learn it & it will give you back double of it. So, keep practising, it will definitely enhance your personality. After all your personality speaks about yourself!

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