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Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth Assignments Ps3


Stage 1: New Game Mode: Chainlink

Now that you've installed the DLC, you want to play Chainlink, the new game mode. Winning two rounds will obtain you the Link Repeater trophy. While playing this mode, try to complete assignments related to it. That way you will work towards Street Fighter.

Stage 3: Completing Tasks and Assignments

The biggest part of the DLC is earning the Street Fighter trophy. This is an all-in-one trophy, because it requires 10 assignments to be finished! Assuming that you have worked on some during the first two stages, this trophy will be shorter to complete.

Here is an excellent Assignmments guide for Dragon's Teeth, made by darkdante14: Dragon's Teeth Assignments Guide.

You may need to boost with others to obtain every assignment in this DLC, if you need to find people to boost with, then consider finding or joining a Gaming Session.
This trophy should come naturally, either you're a trophy hunter or not. To earn this trophy, simply win two rounds of Chainlink. You can join a game that already began, it doesn't matter. Once you win two (cumulative) rounds of this game mode, you will obtain the trophy!

Link Repeater Video Guide

You need the Ballistic shield for this trophy. To unlock it you have to complete the Vanguard assignment. The Vanguard assignment has to be unlocked and requires you to simply do the following:
  • Have the Dragon's Teeth DLC
  • Play a Dragon's Teeth Map
  • Reach Rank 10

When you unlock this assignment, these are the requirements to unlock the Ballistic Shield as a reward:
  • 5 Savior Kills - Kill an opponent who's shooting atone of your teammates, do this 5 times.
  • 20 Suppresion Assists - Shoot towards or near an enemy, then let him be killed by one of your teammates. You must do this twenty times. Try a close-quarters Team Deathmatch map like Operation Locker.
  • Destroy 3 Explosives - Destroy Claymores, C4, Mines, etc... 3 times.

Once unlocked, play as Support and equip the Ballistic shield. You can run around with it, so try to immediately equip it when you spawn. Spend five minutes proning, crouching, walking or running with this thing to unlock the trophy.

Bulletproof. Sort Of... Video Guide

This trophy should come naturally as long as you don't give up on playing the DLC maps. You just have to play a full round on every Dragon's Teeth map, either you lose or win, and what game mode you play does not matter to make this trophy pop. It is suggested that you play Team Deathmatch, or even Squad Deathmatch, as they both finish quickly, allowing you to start a new match on another map very quickly. As soon as you end your game on the last map, this trophy will pop.

The maps you'll need to play are Pearl Market, Sunken Dragon, Lumphini Garden, and Propaganda.

The Metropolitan Video Guide

RC Assassin
Get 5 kills in a round with the RAWR
Very Rare
Although this trophy is a silver one, it isn't that hard. The RAWR is a small remote controlled vehicle, packed with 12 grenades and 600 bullets. You can use these two weapons to take down your opponents, and it will be even more easier if you're a pro of EOD bot, as they control similarly.

What's tricky is picking the RAWR up and adjusting to setting it up and using it, it cannot be equiped. When the DLC was first released, there was a mad rush at every start of game to pick WALL-E up, but it's all behind us now. You will, probably, be able to obtain the RAWR without difficulty. It is in a crate, and its pick-up icon in the same as other weapons lying on the floor.

Locations: (thanks to darkdante14).

RC Assassin Video Guide

This is the hardest trophy in the DLC. It requires you to complete every single assignment of Dragon's Teeth. Some are really easy, whereas some others are very tricky. There are 10 assignments, and one of them requires to play 10 hours on Dragon's Teeth's maps. Another requires to win a round of Chain link with 50 tickets or less. These two will be the most time-consuming.

Again, It is strongly recommended that you to take a look at darkdante14's Dragon's Teeth Assignments Guide. It explains and gives tips for every assignment.

You may need to boost with others to obtain every assignment in this DLC, if you need to find people to boost with, then consider finding or joining a Gaming Session.

Street Fighter Video Guide

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A trophy guide for the third DLC of Battlefield 4, Naval Strike, released on March 25th, 2014
Welcome to Battlefield 4! I will help you on your journey to getting the platinum trophy with collectibles, assignments and multiplayer trophies.

Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth

Release date

Premium: July 15, 2014, Non-Premium: July 29, 2014


Technical Details



PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC



"Experience all-out urban warfare in 4 new multiplayer maps taking place in war-torn cities locked down by the Chinese army."

— Battlefield 4 Premium: Release calender

Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth is the fourth expansion pack for Battlefield 4. The expansion takes place in war-torn cities across Asia that are locked down by the People's Liberation Army.





Achievements and Trophies

Main article: Battlefield 4 Achievements and Trophies



Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth Official Trailer
Battlefield 4 Premium Official Video 2014
Official 2014 Premium Video showing never before seen footage of Dragon's Teeth

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  • Along with Naval Strike and Final Stand, the expansion was originally discovered through an unfinished domain on the official Battlefield website the day before it was officially announced.
  • The expansion's weapons were revealed within the game files after a PC patch.
  • The expansion's cover features a soldier holding the Ballistic Shield as well as numerous dragon's teeth fortifications.
  • A new menu background was introduced with the 9 July 2014 patch depicting an urban Chinese area to promote the release of Dragon's Teeth, replacing the Naval Strike-themed background.

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