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Hatakekakashi wrote:

Hey there,
I am about to being my applications for R1 and have just started working on the essays for some schools. Now are there any leads on good sample essays for specific colleges to have a look at and get inspired by them. Not a mere copy but to just get an idea as to how to structure your essays. Kudos for anyone who helps


Hello Hatakekakashi

We are a bit late in replying to you but we hope this reaches you in time

While the R1 applications for all schools have not opened up yet, it is great that you have started working on your essays much before the deadlines

The essays are arguably the most important segment of your application and we wouldn’t recommend that you refer to set templates in order to craft the same. Instead, have a look at a few essay writing tips on the following link:

http://www.expertsglobal.com/all-it-tak ... ns-essays/

You have a good amount of time to deliberate on the aspects, which make your profile unique. Spend some time doing the same

Further, we would also like to invite you for a free session on profile evaluation. Should you feel the need for the same, feel free to reach out to us.

All the best with your plans!

Akanksha Baldawa
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